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"Art isn't easy."

Robert's journey in the music world has taught him that to reach people, it's necessary to speak their language, and contribute something meaningful to the conversation.  He currently teaches piano, music theory and composition at the Portland Conservatory of Music while continuing to write, compose, perform, and produce recordings of his work.  He returned to the Portland, Maine area in July of 2016 after six years of similar pursuits in the San Francisco Bay area and a previous stint teaching at the Portland Conservatory from 2005 - 2010. 

Robert received his baccalaureate degree in music from the State University of New York at Oswego where he was a dean's list student and could be found 12 hours a day listening, practicing and taking advantage of every opportunity to study piano and jazz piano with Anthony Crain and theory, counterpoint, orchestration, arranging, organ, voice, string bass and music history with an outstanding faculty. 

After a semester of post baccalaureate study he was eager to return home to New York City and try his hand in the music marketplace. In NY he continued his piano studies with concert pianist John Contiguglia, theory, piano, music history and ear training with composer Roland Trogan, jazz piano at Lynn Oliver Studios, arranging and production with Jordan Kaplan, taught at the NY School of Music and Ridge Music Outlet, further developed his versatility performing, and worked for music industry leaders such as Gil Evans, Warner Bros. Music, and Chappell Music. 

After seven years which produced a host of projects in NYC, Robert moved to Portland Maine where he worked as a full time multi keyboardist/vocalist playing for six years throughout Northern New England.  When travel demands became increasingly difficult to meet, Robert redirected his energies to writing, composing, and playing classical, jazz and rock music in the Portland area.

Further details on Robert's background and examples of his work are available on Soundcloud and elsewhere on this website.

Robert's music is available online through iTunes, Amazon and other outlets and can be heard worldwide on Jango Internet Radio.













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