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Composition & Recording



The second generation recording of nine new songs from Cleopatra's Tomb is complete.  (See Musical Dramas below for more details)

My latest CD recording, A Distant Shore featuring Syzygy for strings and brass, Martial Meditation for Orchestra, Mantra for flute, vibraphone, viola, cello and bass, Arab Spring for rhythm section, and A Distant Shore: a musical narrative in five episodes for piano and dancers is available on the Products page.


Piano practice & performance

My active piano repertoire in 2017 consists of five original compositions under the collective title of A Distant Shore, some Bach Inventions and Preludes and Fugues, Mozart's Fantasy in Cm, Chopin's Nocturne Op. 48, No. 1 and Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag.


Musical Dramas



Having spent most of the last six years in California composing instrumental music, I have just finished writing music, script and lyrics for a new musical drama with the title of Cleopatra's Tomb.  More details will follow as soon as I make the project public.

My third, and previous two act play is Debussy's DaughterThis is not a musical, but a play with incidental music by Debussy to enhance the drama, and propel the narrative.  The first scene and a synopsis are on the musical drama page along with synopses of two earlier musicals.

Music Education


After completing six years of teaching in California in June of 2016, I moved back to Portland, Maine where I have again started the process of building a teaching practice from the ground up.  Fortunately I have been offered and accepted the opportunity to resume teaching at the Portland Conservatory of Music.

Please visit the Music Education page to see my philosophy and approach to teaching music, and some testimonials. ________________________________________________________________________________

Poetry & Lyrics

My poems The Wind Blows East From Eden, and Microcosm are posted on the Spotlight page, and the Poetry & Lyrics page.


There are two sets of travel and portrait photos by my wife E.d. Gans on the Gallery page. 

Personal Notes

An incredible amount of energy went into making another big coast to coast move in July which makes me happy to be back in closer proximity to my sons Ian and Chris, their families and my daughter Laura.

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