Featuring two orchestral pieces:  Paradise Lost and Prisms by Robert Gans


Paradise Lost for String orchestra and Chorus (2013)

(Inspired by the epic poem of John Milton)

Available on my CD The Hidden Places


Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise: Painting by Marc Chagall



 The Wind Blows East from Eden

(Prologue to Paradise Lost)

by Robert Gans


The wind blows east from Eden.

It whispers, sighs. and moans.

It sheds a trace of what was lost.

forbidding entrance as the cost

to those of us who once were blest'

of God's pure light the happy guest.


The wind blows east from Eden.

It murmurs, mocks, and stares.

Creation's light banned from our sight,

we chose the story of our plight.

For choosing was our first downfall

to pride we hastened at the call.


The wind blows east from Eden.

Reminds us whence we came.

To error prone thus cursed or blest'

we turn our gaze back to the west.

With wistful longing on we tread,

horizon bound, in circles led.



Movement 1: Awakening and Escape from the Abyss


Movement 2: Paradise Found


Movement 3: The Fall




Available on my CD From Dusk to Dawn: A Retrospective




Movement 1: Red



Movement 2: Yellow



Movement 3: Blue
























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