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1.  Pinwheel:  A piano improvisation (1976)

2.  Romance for Piano (1977)

3.  Five Jazz-Rock Instrumentals (1977)

I.      Kinetiscope for flute and piano

II.     Section 8

III.    Saxafras for tenor sax and piano

IV.   Hot Cookies

V.    Pineapple Jam

4.  Oh, What Light of Hope for organ (1978)

5.  Concertpiece for clarinet, horn and piano in four movements (1980, Revised 2011)

6.  Five Piano Preludes Based on Books (1981)

I.       The Snow Leopard (Revised 2011)

II.      A Farewell to Arms

III.     On the Road

IV.     The Glass Bead Game (Magister Ludi)

V.      Tess of the D’Urbervilles (2003)

7.  The Skyladder – A musical fantasy in two acts (1981, Revised 2008)

I.       Prologue (Instrumental)

II.     Reverie

III.    Evolution

IV.    Words

V.    Scorpio Rising

VI.   Stages

VII.  Feelings in the Night

VIII. Nothing to Hide

IX.  Too Young to Live and Too Young to Die

X.    Is She The One

XI.  Shadowplay

XII. Bob’s Blues

XIII. Just a Little Devil

XIV. Smoke on the Tracks

XV.  Reflection

XVI. I Love You Forever

XVII. Song for a Broadway Musical

XVIII. White Against White

XIX.  Momentary Madness

XX.   Nightbird

XXI.  Sundance

XXII. Morning Star (Instrumental postlude)

8.   Easter Suite in three movements for flute and piano (1982)

                  l.  The Last Supper

                  II.  The Passion

                 III.  The Resurrection and Ascension

9.  Eight Songs Without Words for keyboard (1984)

10.  Ten Songs For Rock Quartet and Vocalist (1988)

I.      Getaway

II.     Nobody Home

III.    Doing It All for You

IV.   Without You

V.    Something Better

VI.   Just Dessert

VII.   Hotline

VIII.  It’s Dangerous

IX.    High Noon

X.     In the Garden

11.  Syzygy - Triptych for strings and brass (1990)

12.  Border Crossings: Twelve Crossover Instrumentals (1993)

                  I.     Bridge Across Time

                 II.     Short Piece for Piano and Orchestra

                III.    Hope

                IV.   Awakening

                V.    Question and Answer

                VI.   Bridge of Dreams

                VII.  Secrets

                VIII.  Firefly

                IX.    Interlude

                X.    It Happened in a Dream

                XI.   Requiem

                XII.   Postlude:  Footprints in the Snow

 13.  Four Latin Jazz Pieces (1995)

                I.  Midnight Son

               II.  Montego Bay

              III.  Dreams of Rio

               IV. Spanish Funk

14.  Fusion:  Four Jazz-Rock instrumental pieces (1997)

I.     Meltdown

II.     Funky Impression

III.    Waltz for Laura

IV.   Into the Void


15.  Travelogue for piano (1997)

16.  Mantra for flute, vibraphone, viola, cello and double bass (1999)

17.  Tess: art song for chorus and piano (1999)

18.  Scylla and Charybdis for piano (2000)

19.  Two Chorales (2000)

20.  Fantasy for organ (2001)

21.  Four Electronic Soundscapes (2002)

                    I.   Electronica #1

                    II.  Electronica #2

                    III.  Return to Me

                    IV. Returning to the Place We Started, and Knowing it for the Very First Time

22.  Martial Meditation for brass and strings (2003)

23.  Butterfly for flute and piano (2003)

24.  Blue Ballet Suite in 4 movements for piano, flute, oboe, string bass & percussion (2004)

I.       Invocation and Offering

II.      Birth of the Blues

III.     Love Dance

IV.     Crossing the River


25.  Candles in the Wind - electronic piece for video (2004)

26.  Dawn at the Gates of Gondor – a trumpet fanfare (2004)

27.  Hail Mary – A Musical Play in two acts (2005) (* Revised 2018)

I.       Every Inch a Queen *

II.     A Pledge of Love

III.    All I Ask *

IV.   From This Moment

V.    On My Own *

VI.   Departure

VII.   A Soft Heart

VIII.  Historical Events *

IX.    Come Out and Play

X.      Midnight Love Affair *

XI.     See the Obvious *

XII.    Sinners in the Eyes of an Angry God *

XIII.    Is It You *

XIV.   Your Way is My Way

XV.      Life’s Just a Game *

XVI.      Mary’s Lament *

XVII.      Fantasy *

XVIII.     The Young Learn Quickly

XIX.       Masks *

XX.        Trapped *

XXI.        History Waits for no Man *

XXII.       Surrender *

XXIII.      Our Dreams Will Have To Wait

XXIV.     Farewell

XXV.      A Fool For Love

XXVI.     Moving On (Again) *

                                    XXVII.    Brass  Fanfare                                                                                                                                                        

28.  Paradise Lost Mvt. I: Awakening and Escape From the Abyss for string orchestra & optional SSAT choir (2006)

29.  The Hidden Places for Woodwind Quintet and String Bass (2006)

30.  Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in three movements (2006)

31.  Collage for Piano (2007)

32.  Rhapsodic Variations for Piano (2007)

33.  Paradise Lost Mvt.  II:  Paradise Found for string orchestra (2008)

34.  Paradise Lost Mvt. III:  The Fall for string orchestra and optional SSAT choir (2008)

35.  Incidental Music for The Streets of Portland: a melodrama (2009)

36.  Dreamscapes: 5 Nocturnes for piano (2010)

                 I.       Prologue:  The Well of Souls

                 II.      The Forest Stair

                 III.     Children of Light    

                 IV.    Great Ships at Sea

                 V.     Epilogue:  The Arms of Morpheus 

37.  Instant Karma Theme (2010)

38.  Arab Spring (2011)

39. Concertpiece: 4 movements for piano, horn and clarinet (revised 2011)

40.  Prisms: 3 movements for Orchestra (2012)

                 I. Red

                II. Yellow

               III. Blue

41.  Paradise Lost: 3 movements for string orchestra and chorus (revised 2013)

42.  Mantra for flute, vibraphone, viola, cello and double bass (rescored to add flute 2013)

43.  Syzygy: Triptych for strings and brass (full score version 2013)

44.  Martial Meditation for orchestra (full score version 2013)

45.  Debussy's Daughter: 2 Act play and incidental music (2013)

46.  A Distant Shore: A Musical Narrative for piano in 5 Episodes (2014-15)

                 I. Escape Velocity

                II. Critical Mass

               III. Hyperspace

               IV. Quantum Leap

                V. Event Horizon

47.  Cleopatra's Tomb: 2 Act Musical Play with main theme and 8 songs (2016-17)

48.  Summit Music: Incidental music for Debussy's Daughter (2018)          







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